Thursday, July 7, 2011


Judges 2;1-5

     I had decided to discontinue doing a blog. The messages I preach only tend to make people angry. I told myself that I could "shake" the dust off and move on. But as I began to study the book of Judges I found that I could not.
     As an aside, just lest than a week ago I preached at a place and officiated at a baptismal service where I baptized I believe eleven people. I thank God for this, but until I am relieved I must proclaim the truth where God places me.
     Sorry, back to the subject. Talking about angry people. One preacher went on record that he didn't need someone reminding him that he was not perfect. I agree that none of us are not perfect. I don't know this man personally, and maybe he will not fit what I am going to say next. Some are using "The message of the cross" as a license to live in any ungodly way saying Where sin doth abound, Grace does much more abound. So shall we continue in sin? The Apostle Paul said "God forbid". If we understand Grace it is not that we continue in sin, but that we do not let the sin nature have dominion over us.
     These teachings are why I titled this blog "Some could wreck an anvil".
     Now chapter one of the book of Judges shows us a people being disobeying God in nearly everything they do. These are God's people. A few examples: Verse 19 "could not drive out, V. 21 did not drive out, V. 27 Neither did not drive out, but the Canaanites would dwell in the land, Verse 28 They put the Canaanite to tribute. Now some would think, "that is good,put them to tribute".  One preacher said we will do whatever it takes to get them in we will give them a job, and they will stay. I will keep my comments to myself except to say THAT IS STUPID no one has ever morphed into a Christian.        
     God had  commanded that these tribes be destroyed or driven completely out, not invited to stay. I'm not talking about running people off. I am saying the secret sins must be driven out. The flesh must not remain. As i said in the intro, it is not us old-fashioned preachers reminding us that we are flawed, and imperfect. But God said they will be pricks in your eyes and thorns in your side.
     Some will not see the connection here and some will be willfully blind.
     Canaan is a type of our walk in this christain life, and the enemies are types of our sinful desires. We must drive them all out.
     I could show seven instances in Chapter one, (Verse 29, 30, 31, and 33)
     Look at the end result in verse 34. And the Amorite forced the children of Dan into the mountain: for they would not suffer them to come down to the valley. (so much for victory)
     If you will read the first five verses of chapter two you will hear the Lord ask "Why have you done this".
Those are my thoughts for  now, until next time In His service, Frankie.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Luke 10:38-42

     When Satan was trying to get Jesus to use His power for personal gratification Jesus said " Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God".
     I doubt that Jesus stopped by Mary and  Martha's house, walked up to the door and told Martha, "Fix me a cheeseburger, side of fries, and oh, yeah I sure could go for a large ice cold Coke.
     I also doubt that Jesus said, " I thought I'd drop by and mow your yard, invite you to a pizza party, but don't worry I will not talk to you about sin, the blood, or the cross. I just want us to get along."
     Please read the text posted beneath the title of this Blog. Probably some are alredy mad enough to be calling me names. If that is the case then I am more right than you want to admit.
     Martha was so busy "doing" that she had no time for hearing. And she was more than a little perturbed because her sister wasn't doing likewise. I am not belittling good works, but when we stand before the judgement seat of Christ we will be judged according to our motives.
     The word does not say Faith cometh by doing. It does say faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
     Martha began to complain, Lord I'm working, Mary is not, tell her to help.
     Jesus said Martha, Martha, you are troubled about many things but Mary hath chosen that good thing. What had Mary chosen? To sit and learn at Jesus' feet.
     Frankie, are you trying to say that helping others is wrong? Any body that really knows me knows that I am not saying that. I believe that is good in it's place, but the greatest work any one can do is , teach them about Christ and the finished work of Calvary.
     Those are my thoughts for this time. Until next time, in His service, Frankie.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Lev 10:1-3

     I have posted several blogs about types of the cross, crucifixion, and Christ in the Old Testament. I had intended  to go to the New Testament and talk of the fulfillment of these types. That is the message of the cross, Christ and Christ crucified, justification by faith, and etc. Probably I will after this blog.
     In this episode we find two brothers, both priests, one in line to become the High Priest. These boys are, by the evidence, probably drunk.
     What evidence, you ask? Verses 8 and 9 of this chapter God commands to not have wine and strong drink in the Tabernacle of the Congregation. That is where this episode occurs.
     We will get to the story in a few moments.
     It looks like, as we read Leviticus chapter nine, that this is probably the inauguration of the Tabernacle. Verses 22-24 the Glory of the Lord appears unto the people, I believe at this time the cloud moves into the Holy of Holies. A fire comes out of the Holy of Holies and consumes the sacrifice on the brazen altar.
     I feel I must say a few things here.
     The altar is a type of the Cross of Calvary, The fire consuming the sacrifice is a type of the judgement of God on Christ instead of you and me.
     Now the story, Each of these  men, Priests, had a censer, which was correct. Each had the correct incense, which was lawful. Each took fire with which to burn the incense. If it had only been the correct fire
     The command was to get the fire from the Brazen Altar!!  I cannot stress this enough. There is only one way to God. Through Jesus and what He did at Calvary. Just before Jesus died He said "IT IS FINISHED". That means He paid the price in full. The price for salvation and sanctification. Nothing else is needed, anything else is a slap in the face of God and Jesus.
 To show how important this was. God killed these two brothers for using strange fire other than from the altar.
     Paul said in Galatians 1:8-9 But though we or an Angel from Heaven Preach any other gospel unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man Preach any other gospel unto you than that you have received, let him be accursed.
     Those are my thoughts for this time, until next time, In His service, Frankie.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Lev. Chapter 4

     This  will probably be my last blog on this particular series about the Old Testament Altars (types of the cross). After this one I will  maybe go to the New Testament and talk a little about how  Christ fulfilled the types.
     We will look today at the Levitical offering called the sin offering. We will possibly follow as the offerer goes through the ritual.
     There are five specific Levitical Offerings. The Whole burnt Offering, the Meat Offering, thepeace Offering, the Sin offering, and the Trespass Offering. It looks like the sin offering is for sins of ignorance, and no matter who we are we are capable of committing sins through ignorance. Even if it is through ignorance, if we are wanting to live righteously the Holy Spirit will convict us and we will not have peace until we make it right. Now in this church age we confess and repent and it is forgiven, and completely gone, but in the days of the law there was more to it.
     We, you and I will play the part of the one who is to get forgiveness. In Lev. chapter 4 there is a list people who commit this kind of sin. We would not be mistaken if we said if we are alive. But the list includes: Priest, congregation, ruler common person, etc. There are some variation in the rituals, but we will just go with the most common ritual.
     Let us begin, remember we are walking in the shoes of the offender. We bring our sacrifice (we will use the Lamb) It will be the best lamb we can find in our herd. Why our best? Not so we can buy our forgiveness, God has nothing for sale, but that is a different blog.
     The lamb is a type of Jesus, we bring the lamb to the door. The DOOR is a type of Jesus. The Priest comes to meet us. The PRIEST is a type of Jesus. We could not go to Jesus so Jesus came to us.
     Remember our best lamb? The priest does not even look at us to evaluate us in this process. He looks at the lamb, He studies it He inspects it. If the lamb is accepted so are we if the lamb or sacrifice is rejected so are we rejected.
     We place our hands on the head of the sacrifice. Why? Back in chapter one when we placed our hands on the sacrifice, the perfection of the sacrifice (Jesus) was transferred to us but this time our sinfulness was transferred to the sacrifice (Jesus). He bore our sins past , present , and future. He took them away.
     The Priest hands us a sharp knife, we cut the lamb's throat. It was our sin that put Jesus on the cross. Remember we are saved but we have committed sin so we must confess and repent. If we do this it is gone.
     When we cut his throat, a priest catches the blood in a basin. He then carries blood to the room called the Holy Place. There he sprinkles with his finger some of the blood either on the altar of incense or on the ground in front of the altar of incense. Either way He sprinkles seven times. Why seven? Seven is God's number of perfection or completeness. Which means we are completely forgiven we are completely restored. There is no such thing as a partial forgiveness.
     The priest then pours remainder of the blood around the Brazen Altar (CROSS).
Remember the sprinkling in the paragraph above? That was at the altar of Incense which is also the altar of intercession. When we confess and repent Jesus makes intercession for us. If Jesus prays for me I know His prayer is answered.
     There are more steps in this ritual but suffice it to say the sacrifice,mostly, is carried our to a clean place and burnt until only ashes remain. The wind scatters these ashes. There is nothing left of our sin because they were transferred to the sacrifice, the sacrifice was burnt to ashes and removed. I must close, but I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to say There is nothing we can do to effect our salvation and sanctification. Remember we did nothing except meet Jesus. He did the rest. Some of my favorite words."IT IS FINISHED"
     Those are my thoughts for this time, until next time, In His service, Frankie.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


John 4:35

     Jesus said say not ye, there are yet four more months then cometh the harvest.
look on the fields they are already white to the harvest.
     I will probably make this a short blog, because I'm having some trouble with internet .  I might as well make everyone else upset with me. I look around, I listen, and it seems that most churches are too busy trying to get a following. Can I say we need to know that Jesus is coming very very soon. No I'm not talking about the idiot trying to predict
 when the rapture is going to occur. We had better live like we know He is coming before our next breath.
     What bothers me is we, instead of letting people know of the cross and the only plan of salvation we are wasting time trying to impress folk so they will come to my church. Jesus said if the blind lead the blind both will fall in the ditch.
     We say if only I can get them in my pew, I will give them a job and they will stay.
Yes that will look good on my resume but what will it look like on Heaven's record book?
     This is short but it is just something that I have had on my mind most of the day.

     We will try to get back on our series about the cross and sacrifice.
Those are my thoughts for now. Until next time in His service, Frankie,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ex. 2:13

     We know this story. You could probably tell it better than I can. But we are doing a small simple series of blogs on the cross. By now we have found out that any time we see a legitimate altar in the Old Testament it is a picture of the Cross of Christ and when we see a legitimate sacrifice it is a picture of the Christ of the Cross.
     So now to this great story of deliverance in the book of Exodus.
     God had called Moses to go against Pharoah and demand that let the Israelites go. They were slaves to the Egyptians. And their burden was getting heavier and heavier. Finally they cried to God for deliverance. Can I say God will never turn a deaf ear to your cry. Sometimes deliverance does not come when we cry or the way we thought.
     Several months passed, and instead of release it only got worse. Let me just skip ahead in this story for one point that is not a part of my relating on the cross. Although that is not exactly correct. It is completely related but in a different aspect.
     Any way the point I want to make is when God's people are finally delivered they leave Egypt loaded down with riches. And not one person is sick or feeble. Just wanted you to see that. By the way, you can claim these same blessings, because we have a better covenant based on better promises.
     Back to the story, Things got worse and worse and not better. God performed miracle after miracle, and sent plague after plague, but it seems to no avail.
     I will not go into that part of the story, but it was for purpose.
     After months, God tells Moses and Aaron how deliverance will come. Possibly if they knew that it was going to happen but didn't know what was to take place, there is no telling what their imagination would have come up with.
     But God said for each family to get a lamb, put it up for four days. Perfect lamb, no blemish. Then on the evening of the fourth day kill the lamb, catch its blood, take a piece of Hyssop and put blood on the side posts and the upper post of the door to their house. (There were more rituals that we will not discuss at this time). They must enter the house and stay there.
     This very night the death angel would pass over the land, and every house did not have the blood applied the death angel would enter that house and the first born of that house would die that same night. There was death in every house of the Egyptians that very night. But safety in the houses of the Israelites.
     God had said "When I see the blood I will pass over you." He is saying the same you tonight. May I ask you has the blood been applied to your heart your life? If so when He sees the blood. NO FEAR!!!
     Those are my thoughts for this time. Until next time, in His service, Frankie

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Gen. 22:5
     Please study Genesis Chapter 22. This chapter is such a great picture of the doctrine of substitution.
     The last two blogs we posted we tried to show the absolute necessity of the cross and sacrifice. some of the things I said may have upset people, I did  not really intend to get crosswise with any one. But I must tell the truth as much as I know it.
     Now let us take a different look at the cross of  Calvary, because that is what this study portrays. Our first blog in this series, God makes a covering for Adam and Eve by killing an innocent animal. Our second we see Abel obedient  but Cain trying to "improve" on God's perfect way. This blog we will get a further revelation of the plan of Salvation--the doctrine of substitution.
     Now the story unfolds. After years of waiting for the birth of Isaac, and watching him grow into manhood, Verse one of chapter twenty-two says, God did tempt (test) Abraham. God says, "I want you to offer your only son Isaac as a burnt offering."
     How this must have to say the least surprised Abraham, and broke his heart. But look at verse three. Abraham rose early in the morning. Immediate obedience by a bewildered Abraham.
     He grabs some wood, his son, and a couple of young men, and heads for Moriah, (which incidentally is the pl;ace where a few hundred years in the future Solomon builds his temple).
     Verse four- On the third day- I just can't mention the third day without commenting on it somewhat. I suppose every time we read in the Word about the "third day" it is pointing toward the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead on the third day.
     I want to comment on every verse but I also want to keep these blogs short. So Abraham took the wood, type of the cross, the fire, a type of judgement on Christ and not you and me, a knife, a type of Christ's death, and starts up the mountain.
     Isaac says" Where is the Lamb?"
     Abraham answers, "God will provide Himself a Lamb".
     I cannot pass this up, I can't prove it but I believe the word "Himself" means. One God will provide it Himself and two -God will provide Himself hence God becoming Man.
     Verses 9-15 Abraham builds an altar(a place of sacrifice) lays wood in order (cross) binds a willing Isaac (nails to the cross) lays Isaac on the wood (Jesus stretched out on the cross). And just before he plunges in the knife, and he would have in obedience to God, God stops him.
     Isaac says, (possibly) look dad a ram caught in the brush.
     There is so much here, more than we could ever do justice to. So the ram is sacrificed instead of Isaac. If Isaac had been slain it would have accomplished nothing.
God is revealing a little more of the plan for my and your redemption. God would offer His only Son, Jesus to die so you and I would not have to. This is the doctrine of substitution.
     Those are my thoughts for now, until next time, in His service, Frankie.